About n4mus

n4mus (inform us) is a personal blog space to share experiments and results that we’ve obtained in our day-to-day professional duties.  Working in bleeding edge technology is a double edged sword, its exciting and a lot of fun but it can be a real challenge to prove or demonstrate that our products meet the needs of our customers’.  Sometimes we need to prove it to ourselves, and sometimes we need to prove it to our customers.

Our goal with this site is to share some of the results of our hard work in a way that benefits the users and customers of the products we work with, and do so without compromising our professional and legal obligations to our employer(s) and partner(s) intellectual property and other secrets.

Disclaimer: the views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly our own, and not the opinions or views of our employer(s) nor partner(s); including but not limited to Micron Technology and VMware .

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